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A new school year is about to begin and that means it is time for back-to-school shopping, so we thought we would suggest a few online retailers who not only offer a fantastic shopping experience but who also support great schools. By partnering with SchoolBuy they have agreed to donate a percentage of what you spend to your chosen school. So, you can shop online, get a great deal and support a school just by visiting before you shop. Here are those suggestions:

Our top picks for school shoes are David Jones, which has a special offer of 25% off full-priced school shoes, and The Athelete's Foot, which is offering 20% off Clarks school shoes. Of course, Clarks is also a SchoolBuy partner so you can order direct from their website and take advantage of the special offers they have available at this time of year. Plus, the good news is that David Jones contributes 4.5% of what you spend to your chosen school, The Athletes Foot gives 6% and Clarks returns 5% to the school you nominate at SchoolBuy.

Lunch Boxes, Bags, Labels, Stationery and More:

We have a couple of retail partners who not only stock the kind of school gear which kids are sure to love but they can also personalise it all so it is less likely to get lost - which parents are sure to love! Identity Direct (6% contribution) offers a huge range of name labels plus personalised stationery, backpacks, lunch bags, sports bags, drink bottles, towels, hats, pencil cases, library bags and more. Hippo Blue has an equally impressive selection and are currently offering 10% off all bags plus special deals on name label packs. They have fun designs to choose from and 5% of what you spend goes to your favourite school. Alternatively, if your kids are fans of Smiggle stationery, you can choose from their wonderful, colourful range and support a school at the same time.


In the area of technology, you really cannot go past Microsoft. On their website you will find devices (including the new Surface), PCs, software, accessories and more. Plus, they offer special pricing on these items for students, parents and educators. Depending on what you purchase, Microsoft will donate up to 6% of what you spend to your chosen school.


Booktopia has always been one of the most popular retailers on the SchoolBuy website and it is obvious why. They have a huge selection of books to choose from and offer really great value for money. In their back-to-school range they have readers, reference books, study guides and workbooks – all in stock, and ready to ship within a couple of days. The prices are great and 5% of what you spend goes to your chosen school - making it very much a win-win. We have also partnered with The Co-op Bookstore so those attending uni can order textbooks (and so much more) online. The Co-op also contributes 5% of your order value to schools.

We mentioned David Jones above, and of course, they also have backpacks, lunch boxes, technology stationery, books and more. For example, this year, David Jones has some really cute lunchies (especially for little ones) and right now, they also have special offers of underwear, socks and swimwear for kids.

Thanks for taking the time to read these suggestions. As always, it only takes a couple of extra clicks before you shop online to make your purchase count for your chosen school. It does not cost you anything extra and you can shop knowing you are helping to support a great cause.

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