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Want to help your school?

SchoolBuy makes sense. Your school makes dollars.

Traditional fundraising is hard work and involves a lot of time and effort from many parents, teachers and students. In the end it's invariably the parents and teachers who are dipping into their pockets and being asked to contribute again and again. It's pretty 'old school' really. SchoolBuy is different - it's school fundraising for the internet age.

The idea is simple. SchoolBuy has partnered with over 100 online stores, including great brands like Bonds, Boost Mobile, Canningvale, City Beach, Clinique, General Pants Co., MyDeal, Nine West, Shaver Shop, Sportscraft, Superdry, The North Face and many more. Every time you shop online with one of these stores, a financial contribution is generated for the school of your choice. So you can buy what you would buy anyway, but help your school at the same time!

All it takes is a click. When shopping online, just visit SchoolBuy first and nominate the school you would like to support. Then simply click the logo of the online store you would like to visit. That click will let that store know that SchoolBuy referred you and which school you want to support. It's fast and easy!

Millions of products. Seriously. There are literally millions of products that you can buy through SchoolBuy that will support your school. There is something for everyone - and usually a lot more than just one thing. Half the fun is searching through the partner stores and seeing what products are available through SchoolBuy. The other half of the fun comes from ordering your products, knowing that you're doing good and helping your school.

Make a difference. SchoolBuy gives you the opportunity to make a difference. The money you can help raise will fund real projects that enhance the education of Australian kids. Some purchases will generate a small contribution and some will generate a large contribution - but they are all important. Across thousands of schools and hundreds of thousands of purchases, every single one counts. It requires a special person to make a difference - and that person is you.

Don't just buy it - SchoolBuy it! People are shopping online every day - so they might as well do it through SchoolBuy and support your school! Thanks for spreading the word.