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November is certainly the month for bargain shopping online. Following on from Singles Day (the Chinese ecommerce extravaganza where sales of tens of billions of dollars are recorded in just 24 hours) and Click Frenzy, the Aussie online shopping celebration, the sales are set to continue this week.  Starting with Black Friday on the 24th and continuing through to Cyber Monday on the 27th there will be plenty of excellent deals to be found. And, the exciting news is that many of our retail partners are taking part in these sales, so you can save money and help raise funds for your chosen school at the same time.

Black Friday started in the USA as a huge sale day following their Thanksgiving holiday.  It is their biggest shopping day of the year and with the growing popularity of online shopping, American retailers extended the discounts to Cyber Monday.  Of course, these shopping events have now gone global with many Aussie retailers jumping on the bandwagon and offering savings on both these days and throughout the weekend.

However, the timing of these sales is all about encouraging shoppers to buy their Christmas gifts early so they can be shipped and arrive in plenty of time for the big day. Apart from avoiding the last minute rush (and the shopping malls), it really does make sense to take advantage of the savings.  Around Click Frenzy we saw discounts of about 20% on average, and early indications are that the Black Friday/Cyber Monday savings will be greater than that. Plus, with the entry of Amazon into the local market, many stores are going all out to attract customers.  So, if you are making savings of say, 40% on all your Christmas shopping, having your purchases delivered well in advance and supporting your child’s school - at no additional cost - that really is a win-win.

Interestingly, a movement to create an international day of giving on the Tuesday following Cyber Monday – called Giving Tuesday – hasn’t really taken off in Australia.  Organisers intended this event as a response to the commercialisation of the holiday season and to encourage people to give back. It is a worthwhile initiative however the awesome thing about SchoolBuy is that you can shop online and automatically give back at the same time. In other words, you can feel good about online shopping when it is helping to raise money for schools.
Keep on eye on our Facebook page and Twitter for details about the offers, and please do not forget to visit the SchoolBuy site before you shop online with our retail partners.  There you will be able to nominate your school and, just by clicking the link from the site to your chosen retailer, you can make your purchase count. The website is also where you will find some of the coupon codes you may need to make the savings.

Shop online, save money, and support a school!

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